4 Wheel Driving

Looking after your parks

Mallee TracksThe parks of the mallee provide opportunities for people to enjoy peaceful and remote places. Remember to carefully plan your trip so that your visit will be a safe and enjoyable experience. We recommend that you visit the mallee parks in the cooler months. During this time the temperature is much more comfortable, the fire danger is lower and the wildflowers are in bloom.

Driving in sand

You can help protect the environment by reducing tyre pressure as soon as you enter the park. You will also find it easier to drive in sand with tyres deflated to approximately 15-18 psi (105-120 kpa). Please remember to reinflate tyres prior to leaving the park.

The Border Track

Mallee TracksFrom the north-east corner of Ngarkat Conservation Park, the Border Track is restricted to one-way access. You can only travel from north to south. At the junction of the Border Track and the Centre Track (approximately 29 km down the Border Track), the track reverts to a two-way system. The one-way system has been implemented to protect the sand dunes, track surface and vegetation.

The Border Track presents extremely difficult driving conditions. If you are not fully prepared, and supported by other vehicles, don’t go!

Due to the high fire danger and lack of emergency vehicle access, the Border Track is closed throughout the fire season.

Please use an alternative route if travelling through the park during this time. Moderate amounts of rain can flood the track for a number of days. To avoid damage to the track do not use it after heavy rain.

Soil conservation

As you travel through the mallee parks you will see a number of tracks that have restricted access. Some of these are for emergency access during fires. The soil on these tracks is fragile, and easily eroded. Damage to these tracks will affect the safety of emergency personnel and volunteers. Please stay on clearly marked tracks.

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