Karoonda Pioneer Park

Access to park through gate on East Terrace, Pioneer Park is a major historical attraction at Karoonda. It provides the opportunity for the Community and visitors to enjoy, understand and benefit from the area’s distinctive history. Pioneer Park is maintained by the Karoonda Historical Society which operates under and with the assistance of the District Council Karoonda East Murray. The park presents several aspects of our pioneering history, including the railways, agriculture and associated community services.

There are several examples of railway carriages that were utilised locally, centred on the rebuilt Yurgo railway siding. The original water pump used in the steam era locomotives has been relocated and still has an original working oil engine and associated pump housed within it.

The original pioneer Methodist Church at Wynarka has been relocated to Pioneer Park and restored. The church was built in 1913 and was the first church building put up in the district.

A pioneer farmhouse built in 1913 by the “HOOD” family at Sandalwood has been rebuilt at the park and contains many examples of items used during the pioneer days and has an adjacent cellar.

The Kunlara Post and Telephone Office is adjacent to the farmhouse in a similar setting to the original, first opened in 1915 and finally closed in 1953. This was probably one of the smallest Post and Telephone Office building in South Australia.

The Park is open seven days a week. Donations can be made to further develop and upkeep the historical park. Pioneer Park is established so that you can walk through the historical park at your leisure.

You can also enjoy the Lions Nature Trail & Bushwalk from Pioneer Park.

Pioneer Park and Nature Trail Walk

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