The Karoonda region offers interesting and diverse mallee and semi-arid habitat for humans, flora and fauna. That being said our regional landscape has continual ecological challenges and we work as a community with agriculture and landcare groups to protect our remnant natural landscapes (including parks) and environment.

This information is courtesy of the Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin.

Landscape and environment

  • Grassy woodlands
  • Inland dune systems
  • Remnant mallee vegetation providing habitat for threatened mallee birds

Landscape conservation

  • Restore the condition of vegetation communities on deep sand soils in the north
  • Restore open mallee woodlands on deep sands and/or clay loams

Threatened Species in the Karoonda region

  • Malleefowl Leipoa ocellata
  • Sandhill greenhood orchid Pterostylis arenicola
  • Metallic sun orchid Thelymitra epipactoides
  • Bare nosed (common) wombat Vombatus ursinus

Key ecological challenges and threats

  • Grazing pressure – feral and domestic
  • Large patches with little regeneration of seedlings, canopy all the same age
  • Feral animal predation
  • Invasive pest plants
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